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Desperate for help!

Hey guys! 

I was hoping to get some help. I'm looking for a fic. I read this fic at least five or six years ago. I recall that it was quite long and I know at least Treize and Wufie were a couple or at least pretty close to being one soon. The scene I remember was where Treize and Wufie were at a restaurant getting food. Wufie had ordered a salad because he had to watch his weight because there were strict guidelines for piloting the gundams. Couldn’t be over a certain height or weight, that sort of thing. I remember Wufie commenting that if he gained anymore weight he would be able to pilot any more and if Trowa gained any more height he’d be in trouble too. So that’s the only scene I remember.

Another clue is that I remember the fic was located on a site called the Asylum run by the author. But I’ve looked all over the place and I’ve only managed to find someone mentioning a site called the Asylum but no links attached…

If anyone could help me out and find this one I’d be so grateful! I really want to finish! I remembering trying to read it before I went to school in the morning and I’ve been looking for ages! Desperate plees for help!!!

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Haven't read fic for this pairing for a while, but I think I vaguely know what you mean.

http://www.caffiends.net/index.php - I don't think it was called by this name back then.
Oh. My. God. !!!!!!!!!! You are a blessing to humanity!! You've done what I couldn't do in YEARS and found it in less then 12hrs!!!! You have no idea how happy you've made me! Asche zu Asche looks verrrrrrrrrrrryyy familiar and I'm going to try there first. Thank you so unbelievably much!
You're welcome =) I know what it's like to suddenly want to finish a fic but cannot remember who wrote it and where it is for the longest time.