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Hello everyone!

Hi fellow 5x13 lovers! As you can tell by my lack of an Icon, I am completly new to the LJ community. After all these years, i've finally given in to my friends urgings and joined. I've been watching this LJ community for a while, as a lurker (you may know me as the anonymous who defended soltien's explicit art) and since I now have an LJ account, i thought I might as well join.

I hope to be able to contribute fics and fanart soon.

But before I start posting the goodies, expect an angry rant from me soon. I've read many MANY 5x13 fics and while I love them all, I've also been disturbed by an unsettling theme in most of the stories. Initially, I planned to ignore the parts I didn't like and focus on the wonderful overall stories but recently, I feel my tolerance isn't as infinite as I'd like. I will revise my rant and post it later. Hopfully it won't bother too many people and some may be converted to see my point of view.

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