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Help!! Looking for fanfics!!!

I read this story years ago. Its not the prize. This I know. There were three stories and had wufei, treize and zechs in it. I think one was called "Wufei and Treize" and another was called "Wufei Has Been Kidnapped." Anyway each one has wufei living with treize  to settle the war. I think they were posted at a website called Vampire's Cave or something like that. If anyone can hep me find these stories or provide links I will be grateful.

Some other information I can also give is some of the scenes I know exist:

1.Treize is captured by the gundam pilots. Wufei and Treize duel and each time they knock a rose off the other's chest they have to answer one question.

2. Duo and Heero and Quatre and Trowa marry while Relena plans their wedding unknowingly and screams with rage when she finds out her precious heero is now out of reach.

3. Wufei is at a hot spring and is sedated and then given a massage by zechs.

4. Wufei is given tutors.

5.Wufei performs a marriage ritual with zechs and treize to decide uke and seme. Zechs is uke and Treze is seme to them both.

6. One of the stories has wufei using his reading glasses to escape treize's place after being in treize's care of injuries. the only thing that calmed wufei down was treize kissing him.

There are a few more I know but I hope this will be enough to lead you to the stories. Thank you very much

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